Nothing tells the story of a place and its culture like a spirit. Every spirit speaks through the botanical characters indigenous to each location. The founders behind Perfume Trees Gin wanted to create a spirit for our beloved Hong Kong; a spirit that whispers tales of our uniquely dynamic, vibrant and beautiful city. And out of this inspiration, Perfume Trees Gin was born.

The Team behind Perfume Trees Gin

Kit Cheung, born and brought up in Hong Kong, is the artistic driving force behind Perfume Trees gin. A famous mixologist of Hong Kong, he had over 15 years of professional bartending and bar consulting experience in Europe and Hong Kong, living for creating and serving beautiful and perfectly balanced cocktails and drinks, performing the arts of cocktails making. On his return, he established his own bartending school in Hong Kong, where students could learn his unique take on some of the world’s

best-known cocktails.

Joseph Cheung, also born and brought up in Hong Kong, is the meticulous driving wheel behind Perfume Trees gin, critical care and cardiac care nurse practitioner and a master of law graduate, living for and pursuing the finest food and drink in the world.

After meeting each other in Kit’s bartending classes, this pair of Hongkongers decided to share their

knowledge and passion, and became determined to invent a spirit worthy of their island home.

And the Spirit

For over a year Kit and Joseph tirelessly composed different blends of botanicals, working closely with local farmers and suppliers to best understand the terroir and aromas that truly represent Hong Kong – whilst achieving the ultimate harmony and balance of complex flavour.

The result is a bottle of gin that captures the very heart and soul of Hong Kong. A small sip is enough to transport you to the blossoming breezy summer in the colourful streets of Hong Kong